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Monday, May 13, 2013


Hello readers! I am back and I have to say something which is about a past post. Okay. SO I have a post that I wrote, well it was a review, about the machine Nubrilliance. I said good things about the machine and I still think that the machine was working great. Sad thing is, it lost its suction. :( I was upset and I went to look for another machine that I can use and that would last longer. I found one.

This is the Nubrilliance machine that I purchased awhile ago.

This machine was awesome before it lost its suction. I felt lost without it but I have to tell you that there may be hope to fix the machine yourself without returning it. Well, at least this is what an Amazon reviewer said about the product. She was saying that when she lost suction, she fixed it with a rubber band because the piece that helps with the suction, popped off. Once she put the piece back in, the suction was working fine again. Now, I am happy I did not throw away my Nubrilliance machine away because I am curious that if I try her method of fixing it, it may work. If so, then I will have two machines. :) The review's name is B. Taylor.Here is what she said about the Nubrilliance machine.

"Ive been reading great reviews, but users complain of lost suction... I almost didnt order one because of it. To make a long story short and to the point, there is a small silicone band that fits into one of the grooves of the wand. Mine popped off, I just happened to see it pop off or I wouldnt have known to even look for it. If you look at the produt diagram that came with the unit, you can sort of see a band in the groove, but it isnt labled. When it is missing, the unit has no vacuum seal and is ineffective. The problem is that you dont even realize that it is missing. Try using a tiny rubberband, you can get them at Walmart and at Dollar Tree stores in the hair section. Try slipping one into the groove and my guess is it will be just like new. Too bad the company doesnt lable it as a necessary componant of the system and maybe even include a few extras. Customers would be much happier and wouldnt be sending the units back. Hope Ive helped!
Other than that, so far I love my new toy!"

Now those typos are hers not mine. he he. So when I get a chance, I will try to fix the Nubrilliance machine and see how it works after.

So, now on to the new machine that i bought. The machine that I purchased is called 3 in 1 Diamond MicroDermabrasion Vacuum Spray Facial Machine Spa Salon Equipment. I had the machine for a week and I just used it 30 minutes ago. The machine looks like this

I bought this machine off Ebay. It was 149.88. Now I have to say that right now, my face is red. Not a bad red. When I researched these machines, it was said that redness is to be expected. I love it. my face is starting to clear up. This machine has 62 watts and the suction power is , okay just don't turn it all the way up. I turn the machine on, without even checking the settings, and the machine almost took half of my face. I had to turn the machine off to stop the suction. When used on the proper settings or what is comfortable for you, you will be fine.

There were no instructions with the machine because the company does not use paper. They rather use the e-mail instead of wasting paper. That is cool, right? The instructions are easy to understand although I had to e-mail them about pieces. I love this machine. Its the Pro-4031 machine. You can get supplies or extras from the site LCL Beauty.

Love my new machine, but I am going to see what I can do about the Nubrilliance. 


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